Scarlet City Studios

Auckland, New Zealand


Intermediate Gameplay Programmer

01/2015 — 01/2016

  • Developed various gameplay and UI features (Unity client side and server side requirements) as well as in-house Unity editor tools.
  • Created a server-authority loot table system to allow designers to specify item rewards with corresponding weights to help with balancing of items and battles rewards.
  • Implemented a dynamic music system to swap between different music playlists using various conditional triggers. This allowed different audio tracks to play when the player was on a specific quest or in a certain location.
  • Integrated the in house custom “action” system with Cinema Director to help simplify the set up of action scripts on props and allow cutscenes to be created using existing systems.
  • Created a mini-game/activity with a “Pick a Path” style story telling gameplay and corresponding custom Unity inspector to allow non developers to create content for this feature. This allowed new “pieces” (story text, player choice, etc) to be easily defined and a drop down list of all created pieces is dynamically created, allowing any choice to point at any other created text.


The Aetherlight (2016)

Online, action-adventure game based on the story of the Bible, set in a steampunk land called Aethasia.
   PC, iOS, Android