Drumleaf Inc

Auckland, New Zealand


Game Developer

12/2011 — 02/2014

  • Built and maintained a variety of game features as well as developer tools within the Unity editor, refactored legacy systems and recreated most of the UI in game.
  • Created an in-game recording system where players could capture gameplay footage which were then rendered offsite and uploaded to YouTube. The export would include a chat log of the recording as part of the YouTube description.
  • Created an in-house extension of the recording system which allowed real-time playback, scrubbing and editing of the captured events (positions/movement, player state, game events etc). This was used to help capture and create promotional material for the game.
  • Worked on various music related systems including a music mixing/editing tool similar to Garage Band. Music created from this system could then be exported to YouTube, similar to the recordings. Players could customise their export and choose and album cover to be rendered in the export.
  • Implemented a system for players to pick up or leave behind pets in their home where they would be free to roam around in, and be synchronised across the network.
  • Created an action bar system which allowed players to equip any item in their inventory.
  • Used a range of technologies including the YouTube API, Dropbox API, Plastic SCM, Mixpanel, Google Tag Manager etc


Star86 (2011)

Imagine a game where you can literally make music with your friends, or even your favourite band! STAR86 (previously named BigLittleBang) was a 3D virtual playground that allowed users to create music together, across the Internet. At its peak it had over 700,000 players worldwide in over 100 countries. Sadly, the game was taken down in July 2014.